Tuesday, July 09, 2002
Whatitdo! Well, summer's been fun so far. I'm going to Putt Putt tomorrow (pronounced Poot - Poot fer fun) to play some miniature golf, whoo! I haven't played that in about three years. I wonder if they have bumper cars there. I haven't indulged in those kiddy type things in such a long time, like going to Fun Plex or Celebration Station, hell even Chuck - e - Cheese!! (well, minus Fun Plex, cause that place is kinda.... yea) So, lately I've just been doing whatever i can, like going bowling, and maybe to the Zoo next week. It's the little stuff's like that that make everything really fun.

I'm trying to make my own tag board, cause I really don't like depending on other servers. Hell, the tag board i have right now was down was for almost a week! So, i'm really trying to figure out have a tagboard offa this server instead of someone elses. Plus, I can do more hover over, color, and spacing effects that way too.
; too tired to go on; liz

Thursday, June 27, 2002
Well, Here I am. I promised you a new layout, but this wasn't it. I had a beautiful layout planned for you, but I realized that I'm not going to be giving as much effort towards this blog as I wish I would this summer. So, I decided to make a hiatus layout to basically go on... hiatus. Every now and then I'll be popping in with a new blog message, but I wouldn't be expecting much. The reason for going on hiatus is mostly because my brother has come home for the summer and he spends most of his time on my computer. He gives me about 30 mins to an hour per day to be on. So, within that while, I threw together this layout (it's all i could make in short notice, sorry!) I've stopped even bothering with being online that much because he spends so much time on it, the moment I can do anything, he'll kick me off. So, that's the main reason why I'm stating my hiatus note.

In other news, I'll be going out of town tomorrow or saturday for a few days (or at least I'm pretty sure I am.) My parents and I are planning to head up to Dallas for a while, why? Not really quite sure. But, this summer I don't plan on going anywhere except..... other parts of houston! so, might as well go while i have the chance.

Oke, well, yea.
; too tired to go on; liz

Wednesday, June 19, 2002
Well, for nancy's sake, i'll blog! I was planning on doin so either way. Well, i'm going to puttin up a new layout soon. I was growin' tired of this one around last month and i've been working on a change for the past week. My new layout has a shitload of dhtml and css that i've never tried before. It should've been up at least three ways ago, but considering I'm having to figure out codes and crap, it's causing a slight delay.

neela: could you pleeease set up my greymatter for me again! I would do it myself, but i'm no good with that kind of stuff. (one of the reasons why the dhtml i'm setting up.... isn't set up!) Ooo, and i'd like the address to your livejournal! I've been meaning to ask you, but it always always always skips my mind. Thanks ya.

Um... So, how's everyone? I'm pretty damn dandy. I had a few friends over yesterday for dinner and a movie. It was nice... minus all the personal frustrations everyone was tryin to surpass, but either than that! yea, it was nice! I'll try to get bloggin again. Look forward to my new layout! Yippee!
; too tired to go on; liz

Sunday, June 02, 2002
i know i know, i haven't blogged in like FOREVER, but i just... i dunno, haven't had the effort. Summer's officially started, and all i'm concerned about this summer is to have some fun. Money issues can wait for the rest of the year. now, some things to address:

kim:nope, it's not a rumor. The guy's really passed on *tear*, how, no one's really positively sure, but as for the R.I.P part, it's true.

neela: i can't log into my account!! After i formatted my computer, i lost all my information, so i gots no way to log in! can ya helps me? peeeeeas!

oke.. well, um... yes, you have a nice day everyone. Enjoy yer summer, and promise not to get TOO rowdy!

; too tired to go on; liz

Friday, May 24, 2002

is it true?? could it be?? WHY OH WORLD WHY?? i just found out some tragic news today. It's old news, but still tragic, especially to me! the guy from BLUE'S CLUES HAS PASSED ON!!! He died of a drug overdose, or aids, or SOMETHING, but he's died!! I've been so busy, i haven't been able to enjoy blue's clue's in such a long time, this comes as such a shock to me. My sources say that the replacement is fat ugly and extremely corny, and nothin' compared to the old guy.

GOSH, when will the world learn?? I MISS YOU BLUE'S CLUE DUDE!! If he DID die of a drug overdose, then shame shame. Another reason to run to crackwhore
; too tired to go on; liz

Tuesday, May 07, 2002
OKE, I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!! This has been about the 7-8th email or message or somethin that i've received commenting on the hottie i used in my layout. And yes, I agree, josh hartnett was the perfect choice for me to use, OH NO WAIT! THAT'S NOT HIM!! Oke people, i've posted this message once before. I have no idea where you people are getting the idea that Chad up there is Josh. What in the world is going on here?! Am i missing something? If you still don't believe me, i suggest you take a little look at my diagram below. It'll fix all of what's gone crazy.

Onto other news, still haven't formatted the computer yet, but I look forward to it soon. Sorry for the non-bloggage lately, i've been real bundled up and school work has just been gettin in the way. When i'm not working on school, i'm just chillin' and relaxing with friends, or planning my party, so i hardly get or for that matter want to spend time on my computer. Weekends, it's my home, but weekdays, [such as today], it's a 15-20% chance i'll be on. So to everyone that's missed me, well shucks, i've missed ya too! But, like i said, kinda been kookkky! So, if you can catch me, try your best. love yas!
; too tired to go on; liz

Friday, April 26, 2002
what the fuck.

Computers are really starting to piss me off. Always, ALWAYS, there's something wrong with them. Whether it be constantly freezing on you, or shutting down IE, or in my current case, being able to open microsoft programs, but not being able to open files while IN the program! I'm getting really aggrivated. I'll be formating this bitch soon. So, if it takes me a while to post my blog messages up again, you know why.

Ya know, what I hate most is that your comp. will fail and bail on you at any given moment, and you have no idea how it happened nor how to fix it. Yer screwed.
; too tired to go on; liz

Wednesday, April 24, 2002
I'm so sleepy lately! Everythings making me really tired and I try to keep active during my after school crap, but I just wanna plop onto the ground and slumber sometimes! My friends and I have got to save a project that we did completely wrong from the start within the next day, i've lost my script and all my book forms, AND my math teachers disappeared off the face of the earth. With EOC's comin' up, I really can't afford missin' another class! Gosh, wonder what tomorrow'll pile on
; too tired to go on; liz

Sunday, April 21, 2002
The Sweetest Thing and pecan pie - yea, definately would recommend to a friend.

Only one more test to take, and my exam worries are over with! My shopping wants and needs are delayed for another week, but next weekend MUST consist of me wasting the big doughboys! <--- i dunno, don't ask me ----> Um... I don't really have anything to say currently, being it only around 1, and i'm pretty durn tired!
; too tired to go on; liz

Tuesday, April 16, 2002
gosh, i swear my body heat the last month has been on an all time high. My body's always rising in temperature lately while everyone around me is sitting cool. I really wish i could walk around with a bag of ice everywhere! That'd be ever so pleasant!

Anywho, my friend's gotten me hooked on Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love lately. Granted i could care less for Marilyn Manson, his version of the old 80's tune is pretty damn good in my opinion. I haven't listened to hard core rock in a while, it's really fun to bang my head like a dumbass again, awww, good old times!

; too tired to go on; liz

Summer is usually a time where I get to spend more of my hours on the internet, but lately I've been out practically everyday. I've lost interest in keeping track with a very active site. So, I'm temporarily on hiatus. The past few months I haven't spent much of my attention on my site either way. So, within this hiatus, I'll be concentrating on another way to be using my internet space. A blog's great and all, but I think i could do better. But, there's the chance I might just keep this blog and nothing but in the end all over again.

Even though I am on hiatus, I'll continue bloggin every now and then to keep you up to date on... anything really.

love liz