No, this isn't another layout. No this isn't an update. No this isn't to inform you of new members coming into crackwhore. This is a farewell. This is a demise. This is a final goodbye. 

Let me start off first by apologizing to all the crackwhore applicants that never received a response from me throughout the past couple of months. I put them all into a folder in my email and left them to stand idly by for too long now. If any of you have noticed, there haven't been any new members, any updates, any layout changes, etc. for more than just a couple of months.

The thing is, I've been considering to tear down crackwhore for some time now. I started this throughout the summer when time was on my hands instead "of the essence". Now, trying to manage school work, a social life, family affairs, personal affairs, AND a web life just seems like too much of a bother. I'm sorry for taking so long to shut this page down, but better late than never.

I don't plan on handing crackwhore over to someone else, or plan to bring it back. At least not anytime soon. To all the members and to everyone that supported crackwhore and "raged against the fight" with me, I thank you. For the time in which crackwhore was up and running smoothly, you all made it something instead of nothing.

So, with that note, I say farewell. Goodbye, and thank you.